Animism: The God's Lake

Animism: The God's Lake

6 Episodes

Melody Ravensfall, a 17 year old environmental activist, is discovering that her friends’ efforts to save the Gods’ Lake from condo developers are just only a small – scale skirmish in what is much larger war.

Underneath the surface of the lake lies a Sacred Site that is the key to a timeless conflict between the supernatural forces of the Mother and the Wetiko, a creature who has held power for too long and whose minions have pushed our fragile world to a breaking point. Only their unpredictable sibling, the Trickster, can restore balance… but he has been missing for centuries. And time is running far too short.

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Animism: The God's Lake
  • Animism: Welcome to the other World

    Episode 1

    "Welcome To The Other World"
    Rescued from the forces of the Wetiko, Mel must decide if she will heed the Mother’s pleas and take part in a fantastic quest far into the North. Accompanied only by her friends Duane and Nico, she must hunt down the centuries-lost Trickster and convince him to save ...

  • Animism: The Hero's Journey...With Friends

    Episode 2

    Mel is accompanied by the boys to a ghost town while Erin stays behind with Wapiti to protect the Lake from the corporation.

  • Animism: Under the Lake

    Episode 3

    The trio heads north and with the curse of Blightown left in their wake, Mel and her friends enter the deeper wilds of the North, where peril lives in every breath of the freezing winds; a new friend.

  • Animism: A Wander Moment

    Episode 4

    Duane is put in a trance by Wetiko when he answers his cellphone. Erin gets in a hacking war with a boy Chad hires to hijack her site. Nico makes out with Zone. Tokala is stopped by the Mother when she tries to attack Erin. Junior is disturbed as Chad "levels up" by killing and eating the geezers...

  • Animism: The Gathering Comes

    Episode 5

    Three friends are vulnerable to an attack by the Wetiko.

  • Animism: The Battle of God's Lake

    Episode 6

    The forces of the Wetiko crash forward.