Bionic Bannock Boys

Bionic Bannock Boys

2 Seasons

Join the fun with the Bionic Bannock Boys, as they bring the laughter. Their hilarious sketch show is fun for all!. It is In Living Color meets the rez, as the boys assimilate your television set with their unique brand of comedy.

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Bionic Bannock Boys
  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 101

    Episode 1

    Cory, Keon, and Sean bring you the all new "Air Mukluk", the origin of the Bionic Bannock Boys name, Magic Bark, Hype NDN workout, a special message from the government, and the luff connection.

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 102

    Episode 2

    Featured skits include: "Err Harmony", "The Three Neechies", "Hype NDN cribs", Rez PI, Kunf Fu Hickie", Indians that almost made it big", "Travois Taxi", and "P.I.M.P.S."

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 103

    Episode 3

    The masters of native sketch comedy bring you "Rez Water", "Legend of the Sasquatch Wisperer", "Poignant Moments in History", "Waiting for Mom & Pop", "Thought the Pow-wow was here", "Rez Newz", Stand Up Comic- Loons", Survival Skills with Brody BrokenArrow", "Chief's Fried Chicken", Hype NDN", "...

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 104

    Episode 4

    Featured skits include: "CSI: Broken Elbow", "Indians Who Almost Made it Big", "Hype NDN", "Rez Soap", "Rez Preacher", and "Cookie with Neechies",

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 105

    Episode 5

    The master's of Native sketch comedy bring us the "Cell Phone Booster", "Where's the Pow-wow", "Rez P.I.", "Rez Newz", "Hype NDN", "Rez Shopping Channel", and music videos.

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 106

    Episode 6

    The Boys are back in action with "Chief's One Stop Love Shop", "Survival Skills with Brody BrokenArrow", "Rez Soap", more "Things Dead Beats Never Say", "Neechie'Fied", and "Behind the Frybread".

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Pilot

    Episode 7

    Special Bonus Pilot episode which launched the Bionic Bannock Boys Series on APTN. Original sketches include "Chief's Fried Chicken", "The Origin of the Bionic Bannock Boy", "Snag-A-Squatch", "Rez Newz", "Mr. Bannock Head", "AIM Work-Out Series", and "Rez P.I."