Bionic Bannock Boys

Bionic Bannock Boys

2 Seasons

Join the fun with the Bionic Bannock Boys, as they bring the laughter. Their hilarious sketch show is fun for all!. It is In Living Color meets the rez, as the boys assimilate your television set with their unique brand of comedy.

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Bionic Bannock Boys
  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 201

    Episode 1

    The Boys are back on the Rez helping an archeologist search for a sacred rez dog breeding place, introducing Rez Kids and see the urbane side of greasy Neechie. Last but certainly not least, witness the excellent choreography of “So you think you can round dance.”

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 202

    Episode 2

    The Bionic Bannock Boys bring you the miracle cure “Prune Bran” followed by the heart wrenching story of Rez Soap, topped off with a cautionary gambling tale from the "Rez Kidz". Relations .ca tells us what can happen if you did too deeply into your past. Rez tan is a new business on Broken Elbow...

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 203

    Episode 3

    The masters of native sketch comedy, the Bionic trio bring you the "Child Containment Unit", "Hookers & Blow", "3 guys One Cup", "Rez Newz", "Rez Kidz", and "Late Night with Moshom".

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 204

    Episode 4

    The Boys introduce the "Snaggy", "P.I.M.P.S.", "The Littiest HoBro", "Hype NDN returns", "Legend Busters", "Rez Kidz", "Down with Brown", and "Behind the Frybread".

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 205

    Episode 5

    The Bionic Trio show us what's needed when you outgrow your teepee, "Chief's Tipi Services". Other sketches include "The Briefcase", "Brown Eye for the White Guy", "Rez Newz", "Indians Who Almost Made It Big", "Rez Kidz", "Things Indians Never Say", "Pow-wow Aid", "One in three Men", and "Cooking...

  • Bionic Bannock Boys - Eps. 206

    Episode 6

    Vinnie is back and this time he’s selling magic antlers, good for hanging things up. Rez PI is back and our private investigator has his hands full with a babe who lost her sweet virginity. Next the Bannock Boys present a music video and sing the tender ballad, “Cousin Loving.” The western epic “...