5 Seasons

A modern day fairytale about five Auckland teenagers growing up in the big bad city. Bro'Town chronicles the schoolboy misadventures of Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack, and Jeff de Maori in a proudly suburban non-P.C. satire.

New Zealand's first animated sitcom bro'Town became a hit at home and abroad. Heralded as the "Simpsons of the South Pacific" the five season series has won multiple awards and received critical acclaim.

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  • Bro'Town - Go Home, Stay Home

    Episode 1

    When Constable Bababiba discovers that Vale and Valea have been left home alone, Vale gets sent to a bad boy’s home and Valea goes to live with a rich white family. But when Dad realizes he is no longer eligible for his benefit, he launches a bid to bring his boys back home!

  • "Get Rucked"

    Episode 2

    It’s the annual rugby match against the St Sylvester’s Old Boys, but when the school 1st XV comes down with food poisoning, the boys have to play against a crack multi-code team featuring Joe Rokocoko, Tana Umaga and Stacey Jones!

  • "The Wong One"

    Episode 3

    Wong from Hong Kong arrives in Morningside and Dad takes him in as a homestay visitor, but a case of mistaken identity sees Vale kidnapped in Wong’’s place by the legendary Grasshopper … a hot Asian chick with incredible martial arts skills!

  • Sionerella

    Episode 4

    Sione finally gets his chance to impress the girl of his dreams at the school ball, but his mother and his rival Rex Ruka do all they can to ruin his chances!

  • A Maori At My Table

    Episode 5

    The boys go on a trip to Jeff’s marae, which turns out to be a tangi, and the mantle of leadership is suddenly thrust upon an unsuspecting Jeff.

  • The Weakest Link

    Episode 6

    After being run over by a bus, Valea suddenly becomes the brainiest boy in Morningside, and the boys stun the school by making it through to the televised finals of the national quiz show.