5 Seasons

A modern day fairytale about five Auckland teenagers growing up in the big bad city. Bro'Town chronicles the schoolboy misadventures of Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack, and Jeff de Maori in a proudly suburban non-P.C. satire.

New Zealand's first animated sitcom bro'Town became a hit at home and abroad. Heralded as the "Simpsons of the South Pacific" the five season series has won multiple awards and received critical acclaim.

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  • "In my Mother's Den"

    Episode 1

    The boys wake up to a Canadian at their table.   Dad's new girlfriend has moved in and seems set on being their new Mum! Valea tells her to piss off until she wins him over with yummy food, while Vale tries to accept the situation, but struggles because of his deep love for his mother.

  • "Know me Before You Haunt Me"

    Episode 2

    It’s Halloween and the boys go trick or treating and end up at a haunted house on the outskirts of Morningside where they meet the ghost of a young Maori boy who died in the 1800s but is still stuck between the dead and the living. The ghost possesses Jeff, who starts acting really weird and the...

  • "Upstairs Brownstairs"

    Episode 3

    Dad becomes a member of the prestigious Morningside Club. Although he only got in because they desperately need brown members, Dad loves it and becomes the club’s most regular visitor. Dad enjoys eating the free meals, wearing a cravat, and doing the old boys' handshake ... but when Valea start...

  • "Go Ask Agnes"

    Episode 4

    When the Minister convinces Mrs Tapili to give more money to the church, she gets hooked on gambling and ends up almost losing everything!

  • "Mack is from Mars, Sione's a Psycho"

    Episode 5

    When Mack sees how bad the St Cardinal’s netball team is, he decides they need help from an expert, disguises himself as a Muslim, and impresses the girls with his excellent skills! Mack discovers the joys of female company and becomes frustrated with his monosyllabic mates. The story is furthe...

  • "I still call Australia Home...Oh"

    Episode 6

    It’s the annual Polyfest - the secondary schools cultural competition - and the boys are desperate to get into the glamorous Samoan group ... but when that doesn't work out (because Sione almost burnt down the stage the previous year), they decide to try something that no one has ever done … and ...

  • "The Summer the Brazilian Came"

    Episode 7

    The boys head out to Te Hiha surf beach, where Mack “breaks in” to a very flash beach-house. Vale falls for Victoria, a volleyball player from Brazil, and must overcome his fear of water. The classic Kiwi summer story, full of barbecues, beach scenes and bonfires.