5 Seasons

A modern day fairytale about five Auckland teenagers growing up in the big bad city. Bro'Town chronicles the schoolboy misadventures of Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack, and Jeff de Maori in a proudly suburban non-P.C. satire.

New Zealand's first animated sitcom bro'Town became a hit at home and abroad. Heralded as the "Simpsons of the South Pacific" the five season series has won multiple awards and received critical acclaim.

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  • "Sons for the Return Home"

    Episode 1

    Morningside’s wimpiest criminal, Motorcycle Boy, returns home from ‘boarding school’ and starts training the boys to be staunch gang members. Until Sione’s cajone’s get the boys into trouble again.

  • "The Artful Dadger"

    Episode 2

    Valea becomes immersed in the art world, unleashing the tortured artist within! But, bitter rivalry quickly ensues when a jealous Dad busts out his best art skills, impressing the glitterarti and stealing his son’s limelight and stealing his son’s limelight.

  • "A Miracle in Morningside"

    Episode 3

    When Mack gives up food and water for Lent, he becomes convinced he is a descendant of Jesus Christ and Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music. Mack creates the ‘Church of the Awesome Show Tunes’, and convinces his followers that he is the Chosen One!

  • "Yes Prime Minister"

    Episode 4

    The boys travel to the capital city where they are surrounded by fierce opponents and dirty tricks as they become embroiled in the dog eat dog world of politics at Youth Parliament. Guest starring New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and the country’s Governor General!

  • "An Alien at my Table"

    Episode 5

    The boys head to Kia Ora Bay for a star studded Matariki concert to celebrate the Maori New Year, but one by one New Zealand’s finest musicians disappear and Jeff gets the blame! Can the boys save New Zealand music? Or will this be the day the music died? Guest starring Cliff Curtis, Keisha Ca...

  • "I'm going to Limbo... I may be some time"

    Episode 6

    Dad Pepelo’s hard living lifestyle finally catches up with him, and while the boys maintain a bedside vigil, Dad embarks on a journey of the soul, where he must face the demons of his past.