5 Seasons

A modern day fairytale about five Auckland teenagers growing up in the big bad city. Bro'Town chronicles the schoolboy misadventures of Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack, and Jeff de Maori in a proudly suburban non-P.C. satire.

New Zealand's first animated sitcom bro'Town became a hit at home and abroad. Heralded as the "Simpsons of the South Pacific" the five season series has won multiple awards and received critical acclaim.

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  • "The Summer of Samson"

    Episode 1

    When Sione catches his Mum and the Minister in a compromising position, his discovers that his brother Samson is the spawn of adulterers and, fuelled by his new fundamentalist friend, tries to exorcise Samson’s demon!

  • "A Vegetarian At Our Table"

    Episode 2

    The boys embark on a documentary project about their favourite food –but Vale is horrified when he discovers a dead mouse inside his meat pie’s pastry. The boys take a vow of vegetarianism and are passionately determined to expose the dodgy innards of the Meat industry, but when the powers that ...

  • "To Sam with Love"

    Episode 3

    When world famous actor Sam Neill turns up to teach Drama at St Sylvester’s, the boys become his biggest fans! Mack is particularly enamoured of Sam’s charm and charisma, but becomes confused by his overwhelming feelings, and stuns everyone by letting one too many skeletons out of the closet!

  • "Apocalypse Ow!"

    Episode 4

    Jeff’s unhinged Uncle Murray returns from Afghanistan and takes the boys to a ‘fun’ camp, but before long everyone except Jeff realizes that things are not what they seem. Will Jeff turn on his friends once and for all?

  • "Lost in Cyber Space"

    Episode 5

    Rakeesh converts his Dairy into a Cyber Café and Valea soon becomes a ‘War is Fun’ Master, but his obsession with the game starts to take over his life, and when the boys also discover that he has been having a secret relationship, they realize it is crisis time!

  • "So You Think You Can Dance Near the Stars?

    Episode 6

    When Dad is slipped an Ecstasy tablet he gets all loved up and convinces Agnes to show the world her fancy footwork in a televised Dance competition. Will the pair become more than just dance partners, and will two families become one in this sizzling series final?