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"In my Mother's Den"

Bro'Town – 21m

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  • "The Summer of Samson"

    When Sione catches his Mum and the Minister in a compromising position, his discovers that his brother Samson is the spawn of adulterers and, fuelled by his new fundamentalist friend, tries to exorcise Samson’s demon!

  • "Know me Before You Haunt Me"

    It’s Halloween and the boys go trick or treating and end up at a haunted house on the outskirts of Morningside where they meet the ghost of a young Maori boy who died in the 1800s but is still stuck between the dead and the living. The ghost possesses Jeff, who starts acting really weird and the...

  • "Survival of the Fattest"

    The class sets out for a day in the bush, but the boys get lost and stranded in the wilderness. Sione starts to go mad, Mack suffers from constipation, Jeff is terrified of the “bush spirits”, Valea is homesick for the city and Vale films the action “Survivor”- style. This episode is about sava...