Caution: May Contain Nuts

Caution: May Contain Nuts

3 Seasons

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is a fast paced sketch comedy series with a unique brand of humor. These assorted Nuts are a veritable United Nations troupe of performers, and no topic is off limits to this over the edge team. From Native Culture, Pop Culture, and Multi-Culture, the Nuts will tackle anything.

Some content may not be suitable for children.

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Caution: May Contain Nuts
  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 101

    Episode 1

    Join the fun with the Nuts in their first off episode which include hilarious sketchs like "A Part of Our Heritage", "A message from the Catholic Church", "Mormons Gone Wild", "Farmer and the Dell", "Christmas Log: The Movie", "Reserve Dogs", "Delmer & Marta", "Nuts: Swedish for Funny", and "The ...

  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 102

    Episode 2

    The gang brings you more "Delmer & Merta", along with "Gino's Realty", "1-800-Ninjass", "The Babysitter", "Handicapped", and a music video called "Leaves".

  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 103

    Episode 3

    The laughs keep coming with another episode of "Psychic Pizza", "TimBucks", "Reserve Dogs", "The Less You Know", "Real Indians", "Delmer & Merta", "The Door-to-door Salesman", "Interviewing Ghandi", and "Cryo Girl".

  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 104

    Episode 4

    Another episode with more classic with "Delmer & Merta", "TimBucks" serves the military, "Bus Stop Caring", "Playing with Sausage", "Sharing Hamlet", Outta time with the Terminator and "The Arnold Song".

  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 105

    Episode 5

    Back with more "Delmer & Merta", "Visionquest", "Reserve Dogs", The "Hump 2000", "Quick Draw Pete", and "The Easter Story".

  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 106

    Episode 6

    The Nuts bring give us another hilarious episode with "Delmer & Merta", "Irritable Old Man Syndrome" with Bill Cosby, "Speed Dating", Debate Cage Fighting", "Gino's Realty", and "Old Person Raps".

  • Caution May Contain Nuts - Eps. 107

    Episode 7

    In this episode of the Nuts, welcome to "PC vs. Mac", "Good Girlfriend Bad Cop", "Global Warming with Dracula", "Lifebook", "Dear I don't care diary", and "Scientology of the Future".