Native Planet

Native Planet

6 Episodes

In the fight to protect mother earth, join host Simon Baker on a one of a kind, global road trip deep inside native communities passionately defending their way of life against overwhelming environmental threats.
From New Zealand to Ecuador, Hawaii to Australia, Native Planet is a six part documentary series that transports you to the front lines of an Ingigenous inspired fight to protect mother earth. Travel the globe with series host and acclaimed First Nations actor Simon Baker and go deep into fascinating native communities waging a David and Goliath fight for the environment, their rights and ultimately, their survival.

Native Planet takes you behind the headlines as Simon gains intimate access to native leaders and organizations behind some of the most important environmental challenges on the planet today. Entertaining, informative, fast paced and inspirational, Native Planet is about the unique spiritual connection Indigenous peoples have with mother earth and their passion to defend it.

Each one hour episode shares a character driven story where internationally recognized native communities confront threats to the environmental, their territory, culture and identity. As we experience through season one of Native Planet, the loss of habitat, radical changes in weather patterns and the sudden disappearance of natural species are often most evident to native peoples, the true stewards of our planet. With the series delivering front row access to some of the most compelling environmental challenges in the world today, Native Planet is crafted to attract an international audience concerned with global environmental issues, the sustainability of native peoples and the future of our planet.

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Native Planet
  • Native Planet: New Zealand

    Episode 1

    Episode One (New Zealand)
    Host Simon Baker travels to New Zealand’s North Island to see how science and indigenous knowledge are combining to breathe life back into a sacred lake decimated by years of industrial pollution. While visiting Ohinemutu Village Simon learns about the connection the Mā...

  • Native Planet: Ecuador

    Episode 2

    Host Simon Baker travels to Ecuador and deep into the Amazon jungle to meet one Aboriginal tribe waging an international fight to keep oil companies and their government off their territory.

  • Native Planet: Hawaii

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Host Simon Baker travels to Hawaii to examine the growing native sovereignty movement and how it helped halt construction of the largest public infrastructure project in Hawaii’s history.

  • Native Planet: Navajo Nation

    Episode 4

    Host Simon Baker travels to the Navajo Nation, across New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, to see how the fallout from five decades of uranium mining is damaging the lives of Navajo families.

  • Native Planet: Australia

    Episode 5

    Host Simon Baker travels to Northwest Australia to visit one Aboriginal tribe defending their ‘song cycle’ and way of life as their government and corporations attempt to develop the world’s largest natural gas fields around them.

  • Native Planet: First Nations

    Episode 6

    From his home in the Squamish Nation, host Simon Baker traces the path of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, from the Oil Sands in Alberta to the tanker terminal planned for Kitimat, BC., to understand why First Nations are opposed.