Nevada Indian Stories

Nevada Indian Stories

10 Episodes

Nevada Stories is an online video series that focuses on folk and traditional native artists, specific local native traditions, and Nevada’s landscape.

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Nevada Indian Stories
  • Pipemakers of the Great Basin

    Episode 1

    Hilman Tobey, a Northern Paiute living at Reno Sparks Indian Colony, makes stone-bowled pipes for use in traditional ceremonies. This short film captures master artist Tobey teaching pipe-making skills to apprentice Norman Zuniga under the auspices of a Nevada Arts Council Folklife Apprenticeship...

  • Telling Place: The Stone Mother

    Episode 2

    Ralph Burns is an accomplished language teacher and knowledgeable about the oral traditions of Paiute culture. He regularly tells traditional stories, myths and legends in both Paiute and in English. Here he tells a mythological tale about the Stone Mother, that explains the origins of his people...

  • Dane Ngahuka: Maori Warrior of Light

    Episode 3

    Dane Ngahuka grew up in a village known for traditional Maori ceremonies and performers. His Whakapapa (the Maori tradition of genealogy) extends back before the Treaty of Waitanga (1840) when the Maori homeland became a British colony. Oral tradition traces the origins of the Maori to ancient mi...

  • Northern Paiute Regalia

    Episode 4

    The personal and community meaning of Native American Pow-Wow regalia, Northern Paiute style.

  • Tradition Behind the Scenes: Indian Basketry

    Episode 5

    A visit with Curator of Anthropology Eugene Hattori and anthropologist Kay Fowler at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City to see some of the incredible baskets in the museum collection and to learn something about Northern Nevada Paiute, Shoshone, and Washo basketry traditions.

  • Elizabeth Brady: Shoshone Master Artist

    Episode 6

    The late Elizabeth Brady, of Elko, Nevada, was an acknowledged master of a number of traditional Western Shoshone arts. Winner of the Governor's Arts Award and participant in the Apprenticeship Program, in this video we hear Elizabeth Brady sing and see some of the many cradleboards she made.

  • Mike Williams: Duck Decoys and Tule Work

    Episode 7

    Nevada Governor's Arts Award winner and master tule artist Mike Williams, relates the history and methods of tule duck decoy making. Filmed at the Stillwater Reservation near Fallon, Nevada.

  • Handgames
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

  • Tying Our World Together

    Episode 9

    Dogbane is a plant traditionally used in making cordage for rabbit nets and other uses by the Paiute People of northern Nevada. It has been widely used by Native Americans for thousands of years, and well preserved ancient examples were found in Lovelock Cave, a famous archaeological site. Here D...

  • John Rupert: A Young Face of Washo Tradition

    Episode 10

    Young John Rupert, a Carson City elementary school student, is engaged in learning as much as he can about local tribal traditions. We follow him to two different sites that have significance for him and hear him talk about some of the things that he has been learning from various elders.