Ntv - Native Music Television

Ntv - Native Music Television

3 Episodes

Native music videos and stories from around world. NTV is owned and operated by native musicians. Our vision is to bring the native community together, with indigenous art, music, news and entertainment. Two Seasons!

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Ntv - Native Music Television
  • Trailer - Native Music Television, Season 2

    Episode 1

    Trailer - Native Music Television, Season 2

  • Indigenous Music - S2, Ep1

    Episode 2

    Trail of Dreams
    We are the dreams, and prayers of the ancestors. In this powerful first episode of Season Two, we are starting 2019 off with messages of resilience, prayer, and connection to all that is sacred. With visually stunning cinematography, and music medicine to the ears, your heart, mi...

  • Indigenous Music -S2, Ep2

    Episode 3

    Symbol of Expressions
    We begin our quest to express the vision, and spiritual symbols of survival. We share words that symbolize our people’s life force. The music this week is spoken word with a bit of reggae, mixed in with a very cool rock, and soul.

    The artist have taken their music video...