Oskayak Down Under

Oskayak Down Under

6 Episodes

This six part series follows a group of native students as they plan and work to finance a trip to Australia and New Zealand. The students are pupils of Oskayak High School in Saskatoon, a high school that has a large percentage of First Nations students.

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Oskayak Down Under
  • Oskayak Down Under - Eps. 101

    Episode 1

    Opening Day - The series begins with the introduction of the senior class of Oskayak High School. The class discuss and develop a plan to do something special together for their last year of high school - a trip to New Zealand.

  • Oskayak Down Under - Eps. 102

    Episode 2

    Students and Teachers - The students begin their efforts to raise money and make arrangements for their trip. They learn how to apply for passports, put on community fund-raising events, and interact with the local community.

  • Oskayak Down Under - Eps. 103

    Episode 3

    Fundraising Event - The students continue with fund-raising activities, including putting together a large school event that will feature the Bionic Bannock Boys and establishing online contact with their peers in Australia and New Zealand. Finally, we go with the class in the air to New Zealand,...

  • Oskayak Down Under - Eps. 104

    Episode 4

    The students begin learning about the Maori culture firsthand. They begin with making Maori cultural artifacts and take part in traditional Maori activities.

  • Oskayak Down Under - Eps. 105

    Episode 5

    The group continues their trek across the New Zealand countryside with stops at more Maori villages meeting the Maori people and learning about the history of Maori language including the efforts by the New Zealand government to outlaw it.

  • Oskayak Down Under - Eps. 106

    Episode 6

    The Long Journey Home - The students continue their learning and fun filled adventure then wrapping up with sharing their experiences in New Zealand.