6 Episodes

U=us (You equals us) is all about Indigenous youth. Watch real-life stories of Indigenous youth who inspire, energize and show off their can-do accomplishments. From teens who participate in the Olympics, ones that grace the cover of fashion magazines, to “green-teens” who work to save the environment. Indigenous youth around the world are inspiring others to build a better world.

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  • And the Winners Are...

    Episode 1

    The first episode of this historic new native teen series introduces the national search for the new hosts of the show. In the spirit of American Idol, all the contestants bring what they have and ride the roller coaster through to the final selections.

  • Be the Change

    Episode 2

    Hosts Robert and Zoe play lacrosse, profile Australian amateur boxer Damien Hooper, and present the story of a young native activist.

  • AlterNative Art

    Episode 3

    Robert and Zoe interview a young environmentalist who is passionately against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project because of its impact on the environment. Next up, a talk with Ryan Grant, a Dakhka Khwaan Dancer who lives a traditional lifestyle. Rob and Zoe work with native choreogra...

  • Indigenous Nation

    Episode 4

    Robert and Zoe practice swordplay and meet with the Royal City Archers for a demonstration. Megan Jensen a cultural activist from _____.

  • Off the Grid

    Episode 5

    Robert and Zoe visit the Grouse Mountains to go zip-lining and meet two teenagers who live off the grid. A young native activist discusses her culture and her experience running in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.

  • Look Back to the Future

    Episode 6